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Setting up your first Linode

Linode is a great way to simply set up an environment for experiments or running services on different machines than your own.

For example, I use Linode when I need to develop something on a Linux machine, but I don’t have a physical machine available to run it on. I could run a virtual machine and install Linux on it, but that would take up the resources of the same machine of course, so when running a service in the virtual machine and at the same time running a client on the same physical machine as well, it can quickly slow down your system.

Make an account

You can sign in with your Google account, Github or just your email on Linode.com

Create your first Linode

When you first log in to your Linode account you will have the option to create a Linode by clicking on the blue button left top.


You can choose Linode here


You can now pick from a list of distributions and select a region


You can choose between dedicated of shared CPU, shared CPU is cheaper because your machine will share its CPU resources with other Linodes, Of course this can be slower, because this way not all the CPU is allways available for yourself.

If you have multiple Linodes set up you can set up labels, for example I can create a label training.

Now all you need to do still is set up a root password and you are ready to click Create Linode

After this, you will see the machine building and then booting. Once it’s built you can directly access it through ssh.


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